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New Companion – Elder Vorino

14 Dec , 2015,
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This week was pretty solid! I feel good.

Well Tuesday I said Tschüß to Elder Wiley and then just gotta chill with Ad in Nurnberg for a while! We contacted this guy wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket and it turns out he is from New Jersey and now he is meeting with Ad and his comp! So that was sick. Then I went and picked up my new comp Elder Vorimo! He’s great! He is from Virginia just right outside DC and he has been out on the mission as long as me. It is SO nice! Like we were just like contacting underway to the church and we were already just bouncing off one another! So nice to be with someone who can speak some German! He is a pretty big goofball, but it’ll be fun I think. He is a happy guy and wants to work hard so I can’t really complain. I think it’ll be a good transfer!

On Wednesday we were just walking around and for some reason we kinda stopped in our tracks and I see this black guy. And it was just one of those classic feelings you hear about where like I just knew I had to talk to him. Like I just knew it. So I tried making eye contact but he wasn’t looking so I just decided to keep on walking past him and forget it. Lol but like immediately it just started eating at me and I knew I had to turn back. So I did and i went up and talked to him and it turns out he is a former investigator! He is from South Africa and is awesome! He said like 1 year and 1/2 ago he was meeting with missionaries and was way close to baptism but things just went wrong and it all fell out. But he was pumped to see us and we are hoping to meet with him this week!! His name is Vusi!

Saturday was a crazy day! We called the sisters in the morning to check and see if they cleaned the baptismal font and they didn’t so we went over to the church and scrubbed the font and made it look as nice as we could. Then they called and told us that the person who was gonna give a talk was sick and asked if we could write a talk really quick and give it. So we had to do that and so one of spoke German and the other stood beside and translated in English for Tina. It was pretty funny! Then the sisters called right before the baptism and were like “hey could you guys fill the font with water too?” I was just like OMG but we did it and everything turned out great! The baptism went down! It was awesome to see Tina glow! Made me way happy. It was really cool to look back just 6 weeks ago there was nothing going on in this area at all, and now there is a new member here! Way blessed!

The other days of the week we just spent out in the work talking to people! I really like it we have a lot of fun together! I really hope I can just stay this happy! But that’s my favorite part about the gospel! It’s not just there for us when we’re sad and miserable. It’s there for us when we’re at our best and happy. The gospel will always make us happier no matter how we feel!

So just a little bit more about Elder Vorimo. Like I said he’s from Virginia just right outside DC. He went to BYU-I for a year before mission and he’s been out just as long as me on the mission! So I know him from my MTC group! He LOVES soccer but never played in high school or anything. But he knows all about the euro soccer teams. And his dad is from Finland. Lol but he is just a happy pleasant guy to be around so far. He is really hard working and that’s all I mostly care about.

Like he is literally one of the goofiest people I have met in my life.  He is quite a character, but it’s still awesome to be his friend. I’ve learned on my mission that it is a ton easier to be friends with people by taking interest in their interests instead of trying to make them like what you like. Like I have learned so much about Euro soccer this week lol and I feel like we’re already just getting along great!

So ya I’m a happy boy right now! Life is good! I hope you’re all enjoying Christmas time! For as magical as it is over here in Germany, it still doesn’t touch Christmas at home! I love home!

Thanks for all the love I feel out here! You’re all continually in my prayers. I love you guys.