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Off to Nürnberg

29 Feb , 2016,
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Ok well I’M TRANSFERRED. I am actually way sad n stuff. I loved this place with all my heart. But the plus side is I literally got transferred 20 minutes away! Lolol my new city is Nürnberg!! I am way pumped. I’m going from a town of 40,000 to a city of 500,000 people lolol should be fun. I am actually replacing Ad.. So I’ll be a Zone Leader now. Lol we were so close to being comps!! But it’s ok my new comp will be great and now I’ll get to work with lots of other missionaries and travel the area a ton!! Way blessed I will still get to see this ward a ton!

But ok quick recap of the week!

From Monday to Tuesday we went on a split in Nurnberg with Ad and his comp (my comp now lol). We all spent the night in their apartment so that was sick we had a blast. I was technically on a split with Ad’s comp Elder Clawson and it was pretty fun. He’s actually a pretty good guy. I got to know him a lot better! He’s the only person I’ve met out here who knows what Brooks Brothers is so we had some good convos! But we were able to teach a lesson to a less active, and it was so interesting! He talked about how he knows he needs to get back to church and do the right things and he loves it when he’s there, but he just doesn’t do it! It was odd to hear him explain it at first but as he went on it all became more and more familiar. Just the concept of knowing something is right, but not doing it anyways. Lol it happens so often to everyone. It’s a hard problem to solve, but it was cool to bear testimony to him that he can change if he wants to. That our responsibility is to come to Christ and let him change us, but the choice is ours in the end.

Wednesday was a pretty interesting day haha we ended up in the weirdest towns. We randomly got on a bus just hoping it would take us somewhere then we went out to this random little town called Treuchtlingen. It actually turned out pretty dope. We didn’t see much success in terms of finding people, but we did talk to this one lady who was just so nice she made my day. She was so kind to us it was like the nicest rejection ever. But what got me was at the end as we were walking away she was like, “keep your smiles on.” Lol that just stuck with me. It reminded me how far a simple smile can go to make someone’s day, even if that someone is you. Even if I walk around smiling all day and it didn’t effect anyone, at least I was smiling all day. Lolol a simple concept but so true. A smile can make anyone happier and it’s so easy!

Then Saturday is when I got the news I was leaving…president called me in the morning and told me I was out which just UGH broke my heart. Then we had our talent show with the ward. It was a blast there was some way funny stuff people did it made me realize even more how much I love this place. Then at night is when the assistants called us and told us exactly where I am going and who I am serving with. Nurnberg will be tons of fun. I can’t wait!  It makes leaving a ton easier. I kinda feel bad though, Ad really liked it here and now he’s leaving.  But he’ll still be a Zone Leader over where the temple is in Friederichsdorf. It’s an awesome place I’m sure he’ll love it!

Yesterday was so odd saying goodbye to people. They all just about died when I told them I got transferred 20 mins away lol. So I am happy it’s not a goodbye, just a see ya later! This ward has taught me ton about what type of person I ought to be and how to do it! I’ll never forget Feucht! But there are many adventures to come these coming weeks! Just gotta roll with the punches I guess!

I love you all! Pray for me to be a good missionary please!