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One of the Best Days

5 Oct , 2015,
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Hey!  Just another sweet week out here. I’m just loving life rollin’ with the punches takin’ the lemons I’m getting.  I just like don’t have a lot to complain about. Just a great stage of life!

Well, anyway on Tuesday I was able to go on a split to a city called Hagen. It’s actually not bad but the elders there are struggling.  So it was nice to go in and just try and make an elder happy for a day. We just laughed and I just acted interested in whatever he was talking about and idk it’s been so sweet to get to know kids I would never have given a chance to before! Like we went contacting and just had such a great time and talked to some funny peeps. Ya just like can’t experience this type of stuff anywhere but a mission!

Thursday oh man it was so sad. So we had to take the car to get serviced and stuff and right before, I went to go fill up on gas. Well in Germany they don’t have the pumps with the handles where you can just squeeze and it locks till it’s filled. You have to squeeze it manually.  LOL, hard, I know. Well, I was just doing it and not really paying attention and all the sudden WHAM I accidentally pulled it out too far and gasoline just went flying. It splashed up against the car and just went everywhere. All over my pants, shoes, little on my face.  Just so bad. I felt so dumb there were just like 5 people around me watching and I had to walk in and pay like covered in gas the lady looked at me like I was mental. And I ruined that pair of pants.  Ugh. But it was a good experience LOL.

Friday really though was so sick. Like oh man I just can’t describe in words. But I’ll try. So two weeks ago we were just sitting at the apartment before stake conference and we had 15 mins before we had to go. Well there’s no point in wasting it and so I pull out our area book with tons of former investigators. I just flip to a random one and we call her. Her name is Longa Dressler and she answered and said we could meet. So, Friday afternoon we went over to her office. She is a psychologist and MEGA SMART. She is just finishing up her 3rd masters degree and she is a strategic coach. She works with like CEO’s and gives them advice and also with normal people and helps them like figure themselves out with different problems.  She is soooo cool!  Well we just kinda sat down in her office and idk the convo took off.  It was all such a miracle. She has been praying these past few months for God to tell her what to do. She said she didn’t want an angel, just a sign. It was funny cause she was telling us like “I have everything. I have a really well-paying job, I have a husband and daughter, I have studied all I want to study, and now, I just want God to use me for what he wants.”  She said she’s done all she wanted. It was one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve ever had. Her daughter is just leaving for college and she is just approaching her 50’s. As we talked about the gospel, everything we brought up she was just like “that makes sense” “well ya I hope so” or “oh I like that”.   LOL it was so much fun! Well all that doesn’t mean that she is getting baptized already just cause she still believes in her church and we will for sure continue to work with her! But my other fav part was this. When we called her and she agreed to meet she was like “ya and maybe I can help you too!” And ha I had never had anybody say that to me before.  I thought it was interesting. Well as we finished up the lesson, I was just like “Longa, you said that maybe you can help us…” And she was like “uh oh” lol it was so funny. But I was like “Longa, I’ve never really wanted to be a good person before. And now, I want to. How have you became and stayed such a great person?” And she continued to tell me experiences of her child hood and she talked about how most of all, Christ is her inspiration.  That in the scriptures Christ talks with everybody. He doesn’t just talk to the popular people or the good looking people or just the sick people or the poor. He talked to and helped everybody. And she said “I can do that too”. That line touched me so much. She talked to me for a half hour about how we go about not judging others and truly being good. It was really like a life changing experience haha. Like it was the best birthday I could ask for. I’m not 100% sure what will happen with Longa, but she taught me SO much that I left will never forget.  Ha and at the end she was just asking about like what we do for fun and I never like think about how weird it sounds until I say it and I was just like “well like we go bowling and play UNO…” Lol she thought that was so funny.  She like “well if you ever need someone to marry just ask me and I’ll give you my daughter lol” she was just really impressed with everything we had to say about the church and stuff. Freal one of the best days of my mission!