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Overcoming Stereotypes

16 May , 2016,
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Whatuppppp.  This week was sick again! Lol just happy

On Tuesday we had a big zone training which turned out really great! A lot of people got involved and I think had some fun! The main theme was for everyone to have a vision of where their area can and should be in the future, and to work for it. I feel like so many areas here have so much potential but they have a stereotype about them that they’re really hard or something and elders just get it in their head that they can’t build up their area. So we wanted to focus on that and what we can do to change it. We talked about seeing it and achieving it lol so we bought piñatas and did a little analogy lesson which was way fun lol. It had been so fun serving in Nürnberg and just getting to interact with so many missionaries!

On Thursday to Friday I was on a split with an elder named Elder Diederich. He went to Olympus and I didn’t know him in high school, but we know a ton of the same people and he’s way sick. We talked a ton on the split about just life and it was just great. We taught our investigator Mohannad, and usually we teach him with a translator over Skype but that fell out so we kinda had to use just basic English.  Well the sisters show up with this other Arabic speaking lady who is interested in Christianity and so we totally used Mohannad to bear testimony to her about Christ, the church, and the Book of Mormon! It was so dope not to understand anything, but to feel the spirit while he was talking. It’s amazing to have an investigator bear powerful testimony to someone he’s never met before.

On Saturday we had a street display in the city and it was SO good!  Idk why this one was so special but like 75% of the people I talked to were actually nice to me. It was awesome! Obviously not all of them had interest, but a lot of them actually heard me out and talked with me.  It is so nice just to smile and talk with people. And plus we did pick up 3 potential investigators for only like 3 hours of work. So that was amazing. Then that night we went over to Rick and Thomas’s house and ate with them.  It was awesome to hear them talk about the changes they’ve seen in their lives! I love those two so much I’m just happy to know them. But ya Saturday was just a good day.

And this Saturday is the baptism of Bruder Mohr!! I couldn’t be more excited! This is the most excited I’ve been on my mission! I feel like it’s the climax or something like the moment I’ve been waiting for.  Everybody please keep him in your prayers!

Love you all! Thanks so much for everything.  I couldn’t do this without you!