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Playing Nurse

21 Sep , 2015,
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Well another solid week out here in Unnnaaaaa.

Forest Gump indeed said it right when he said, “you never know what ya gonna get”

Our weeks are always just so different. Every week we just have different experiences and new trials and learn something new! So cool.

Well on Tuesday I got to play nurse! Elder Ewing was pretty sick. He was way clogged up on both ends lol it was bad. So it was kinda rough I just sat at my desk all day listening to talks and writing stuff down. Woulda been a good opportunity to write a poem, but it didn’t come to mind sadly lol! Anyways, I thought a lot about happiness. And just how what made me happy before my mission has changed a lot till now. A lot of it is the same, but a lot is different. As I was studying and thinking about happiness, I came to the discovery for my self that being happy is a gospel principle. There is promised blessings if we remain cheerful and happy. And that is such a sick promise. Happiness has been the biggest blessing this past year! I know the decision to be happy is ours! No one else can make it for us!

On Wednesday we had our little English circle! And this daughter of this family we’re teaching told us that her fam got enough money together that her and her three brothers are all going to the temple!! Just like a temple trip with a temple tour n stuff! If I could put my money on anything to help someone feel the spirit, I think the temple is a safe bet! I’m so pumped they’ll have the opportunity to go! Jealous!

On Friday we went down to our bishops house and split wood for THREE hours. It was insane he had so much wood and we still only got like half of it done! But the coolest part was after when we were eating dinner. They have a little foreign exchange student with them from the Czech Republic and we were eating dinner and she just started asking us sooo many questions. Well luckily we knew she would be there so we brought a Book of Mormon in Czech lol and we gave it to her and she seemed pretty pumped! She’s leaving like this week but who knows what will happen! Pretty cool experience!

Saturday was great too! We went and mowed the Lipkes lawn that morning which was way cool cause it looked like it was about to just down pour forever. Ha I wish you guys could see the size of this backyard it is so massive. But anyway, literally like the second I finished the last strip of grass it just started to come down so hard! It was so sick. This lawn needed to be mowed so bad and Heavenly Father just let us finished before it rained lol. So nice.

Well like lately I’ve been trying to change my mindset and be good inward as well as outward. I feel like I’ve been doing well lately of being outwardly kind to the people I meet, but in my mind I often slip up and I still judge and think bad things about them. But I found the biggest source of comfort in the Book of Mormon!! I was reading one morning and as I was reading this passage I just got a feeling from head to toe! I knew what I was reading was for me.  In Mosiah chapter 4 verses 11-13, it talks about when we truly love the gospel and center our lives around it, Truly, we “will not have the mind to injure one another..” How sweet is that? Like we literally will not have the mindset to think of others in a hurtful way! Oh man. So sick! Such a confidence builder and such a boost that if I want to stop judging and hating inwardly, I just embrace the gospel. Idk why I thought I would find the answer anywhere else besides the Book of Mormon lol. There is so much more than acting kindly outwardly! If we are kind on the inside, our natures will change and we will be who we want to be! Golly the Book of Mormon has the answer to everything.

Well I’m just great out here. Happy boy. That’s about all I have to say about that. Love you each individually and am grateful for everyone. Keep me in your prayers, and I’ll do the same for you.

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