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Pray for Walter

1 Dec , 2014,
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So we set another baptism date this week. Which sounds cool n all but it’s with the guy who says he has devils following him around and we went and blessed his house and cast out all the demons from each room. That went in my journal. Quite an experience. And idk he’s just a little off.  We think he needs psychological help and we don’t wanna baptize someone just to say we did it, especially if he doesn’t really understand what comes along with being a member of the church. Idk. Just pray for him. His name is Walter.

Anyway we had the highest numbers in the zone for the second straight week. Which is dope. Lot of blessings here. And this week we out-taught a whole other district combined and we had 2 p-days this week. Not being prideful, but we sure are getting blessed with a ton right now.

So yeah, Heidelberg was sick. Way weird to be back there and walking all the same places I did with my friends. Kind of made me homesick but I got over it. We were at this member’s house earlier that day that Henderson knew and she is a Huge OW. She flies in every general conference to try and get tickets to priesthood session and was saying a ton of weird stuff. I was going to say something but like she was really rude and it wasn’t worth it.

Anyway then that night we went over to some lady’s house and a ton of people were there. The AP´s were there and other elders and sisters then like a ton of members and nonmembers. Tons of fun. Nick Emery was there and he’s just like a weird guy kinda. And his German is like a little better than mine. I swear it’s all his name that gets him by.

But yeah sorry this week was super boring. That whole new Christmas stuff came out and that’s a big deal. The video is really good this year. You should all go watch it at  Love you all, thanks for writing me, thanks for the prayers. Love, Henry