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“President, This is a Good Missionary”

8 Feb , 2016,
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The weeks just go by faster and faster! But they’re so good I am so happy right now! This week was sick.On Tuesday we got to meet with this old woman named Frau Heberlein! She is SO nice and open but she just doesn’t seem to be making tons of progress. She read a little in the Book of Mormon but not a lot. And she said it is just kind of a weird book to her. And so we kinda had to throw our lesson plan out the window and just emphasize the importance of finding out if the book is true or not. Like I don’t think she grasped the significance of it the first time. She also mentioned how it doesn’t sound very nice that only one church on the earth has all the truth…like I didn’t know what to say like sorry?  We explained it a little but it ended up being a sick lesson and she said she’d love to come to church. So we’re just hoping she’ll make it one of these weeks!

It was great on Wednesday we had an appt with our man Monday! That guy is so cool! We had a really good talk on happiness and where we get it and what it is. Unfortunately his fam wasn’t there, but they will be this week! He is just a sick guy with such strong faith. It is always humbling to talk with people who have so little and are so grateful and happy. I never really imagined I would see much poverty in Germany, but it’s everywhere! All these refugees are just fighting for their lives! Monday has such a good heart though I just walked away feeling bad for ever complaining. My life is so good I don’t ever have anything really worth complaining about. But Monday is a baller. I just hope we can get him a ride to church!

Then Thursday we had a solid appointment with the Mohrs! He just bought us a bunch of McDonald’s and brought us to his house lol such a goof. They had some solid questions though that were good to answer!

They are so prepared they take on all of our doctrine like it’s no big deal. They just say they need to finish the Book of Mormon and they’ll decide. I am so excited! They really are like my dream family to baptize! I’m just praying everything can work out! PLEASE keep the Mohrs in your prayers that they can gain a testimony! I love them!

We also had zone training on Thursday! It was awesome. Pres Stoddard was there and so was our Stake Pres, Pres Schwartz. He’s the old mission president and literally a legend throughout the church in Germany. And my ward is actually his home ward. He’s the man. Anyways I had a way cool experience. P Stoddard and P Schwartz were talking and he pulled me over by the arm and he was like (all in English lol it was way funny), “President, this is a good missionary. He is what we need. He has won the hearts of the ward. And I hear this from the youth, too!” (then he talked about a sick kid in our ward that didn’t wanna go on a mission and we’re trying to get him excited about it) and then at the end he was just like, “could we just keep him for a few years?” And Pres Stoddard grabbed me by the hip and was like “haha we’ll try and work on that!” Oh man it was just so dope. It made me feel so good to get solid confirmation that I’m doing ok. Like I haven’t felt like I haven’t been doing ok, it was just so great to hear from some of the most important people in the mission.

And yesterday was great! We were kinda bummed cause we ended up having to hand Carmen over to the sisters just cause it would be a ton easier to teach. But I know she’ll do great and make lots of progress! But the sisters met this guy named Torsten and so they handed him over to us and yesterday he came to church and we had a class with our bishop and him! It was so sick we were just talking about Joseph Smith and we read the whole story about him, and right as we finished our bishop was like “how do you feel about that?” And Torsten was just like “I think it’s true.” I was just like 🙀🙀🙀 OMG I was so pumped! We have a meeting with him this week that should be sweet! We are way pumped!

Life continues to just roll on. I’m a happy boy just loving life. Love you all so much!