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Rock Im Park

6 Jun , 2016,
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I am tired! So over the weekend there was this thing called “Rock im Park” and it is just a three day long rock concert! And it happened to be directly next to our apartment. And the main act this year happened to be the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Pretty crazy. So last night we were just chillin there listening clearly to all the classic songs from them lol and it went pretty late into the night. So not much sleep happened! A few other bands came that I think I knew like of mice of men or something and tenacious D and panic at the disco and black sabbath idk I just recognized a few songs but I never knew who was actually playing them. But ya anyways crazy stuff. But besides that this week was great!

Omg on Tuesday it was crazy. So it was transfer day and we had a few new elders coming into the zone. So we had another missionary with us and we were waiting for his new comp to arrive on his train at 2:30.  Well his train showed up and he didn’t get off…and we were way confused. We looked all over and we could not find him. Then we called the office elders to see if they knew anything and they didn’t. Anyway long story short we literally sat at the train station for 4 hours waiting for this elder to get there. He just randomly showed up on this train and apparently we got the wrong info about when he was supposed to come. It was insane. So ya Tuesday was way stressful and boring and frustrating but everything worked out great!

Then lol Wednesday was awesome! We got hit by a car but that isn’t the awesome part. This guy kind of cut us off and so elder Clawson slams on his breaks and a guy rear ends us. It was too hard and there was luckily just some paint damage. But omg we were freaking out we thought our car was gonna be way bad. But ya that night we had our investigators Adrian, max, and Ricardo show up to institute! They are so classy and polite it’s great! They have such good manners and are so friendly I really am excited to see where things go with them! They are all from Nürnberg and they are students. And….Adrian loves Mitt Romney! He loved the picture of Mitt and me lol I knew my love for Mitt would pay off some day. But ya they should be coming again this Wednesday and they said they’d love to come on Sunday! Fingers crossed!

Saturday was pretty sweet as well! We were able to meet so a guy names Numann who Adam actually taught and baptized when he was in the stake here. He is so legit! We met with him at the Grand Hotel here in Nürnberg and just had a really great uplifting conversation with him.

This week I have thought a lot about the Christ-Like attribute of Virtue! It has been the topic of my study for a little bit and it has been so uplifting! Being virtuous is so so hard but feels so so good.
Just doing the right thing even when no one is watching just because it’s the right thing to do. I always want to strive to be virtuous in all that I do cause I think in the end virtue is what really counts. It’s not gonna be what I did in front of lots of people, but what I did behind closed doors. There a great quote from Preach My Gospel when it says, “just as vital as what you do, is who you are”…like I can’t just do Christ-Like things, I need to be Christ-Like. A lot easier said than done, but it’s so rewarding!

Life is great in this wonderful place! I feel so blessed to be here.  Thanks for all the love and support! I love you all so much!