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20 Apr , 2015,
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I am so tired.

We certainly worked hard this week! Every single day we at least had like 2 appointments to go to and people to meet and all this good stuff. All I had to do was freaking call the people and they were excited to meet with us. Especially with less actives. I just play the “I’m new here idk if you’re less active but I just wanna meet the members here” card. Works like a charm! Elder Watts yesterday turned and said that this is the busiest he’s been on his whole mission. Gave me a good feeling!

We are driving around a ton. Hour to an appointment, hour back. All this stuff. He’s driving. And boy does he love it.  There’s a mission rule that when backing up, the other person has to back the driver up. Well, he even makes me do it when we are in a freaking empty parking lot with nothing around. I’m like all buckled in, and he’s like “can you back me up” I just feel like slamming my face into the window. So I get out and stand there staring at the nothingness around us, then he backs up 4 ft and I hop back in and off we go! Lol

Elder Watts. Man. He’s from Roy. I might have made it sound like he’s a mean guy or something. He’s not at all. He was trained on how to be obedient, but he was NOT trained on how to do missionary work. He is so so so so worried about breaking a rule that he’s like always calling for permission to our leaders, and our leaders are just like “….ya….why did you call and ask for that?”

Ya see here’s my mindset. I would literally, literally do anything; break any rule, to help an investigator or member or really anyone. Like legit I just like helping people now. Now, I don’t break rules or anything, but I totally would just to help them. And that’s what I’m trying to help Elder Watts to see and feel. Are just that desire and the want and will to do anything to help peeps out. Yeesh. Hard work lol.

We get along fine. Don’t talk much. I relate it to the Michael Scott and Toby Flenderson from the Office, except it’s all in my head. Toby is a nice guy and all, but something about him just drives Michael nuts. And that what it is for me. But I just do it in my head. Like the other day he asked if I was willing to wake up a half hour earlier and go on a run with him. Well in my mind, I threw him through the window. But then all the sudden I heard my self say “ya, sounds good” and now we’re just waking up early and running. Like ugh. Just a struggle. He plays the guitar a ton. He sings way loud. And he eats lie 30 apples a day. Pretty crazy. He has a gf that he was gonna marry right before his mish but then they both decided to go on a mish. He’s like 20 years old he graduated in 2012.

I’m alive. That’s what matters. Life is still a struggle lol, but I’m all good.

We be gettin iPads on Friday!!!! Sooooo sick!!! And Facebook and all this junk. Gonna be soooo nuts.

I also had a super good convo with Ad on the phone last night. He and I are just on the same page about everything. Like we just talked about life and love and all the goods. I love that guy.

Well that’s all for this week, guys. I’m still enjoying life the best I can. Cause what else can I do?

Love you all.

Oh ya and I have homework. I need any pics of me ever and any pics of us ever sent to me through email. Cause now I’ll have my iPad so then I can just have all these sick pics of us everywhere I go. So I know that will take a while, but please just send me tons of pics over email.

Elder Morris