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15 Jun , 2015,
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Hey everybody

Lol feels sooo good to be using emojis again!!! Lolol loooove it!!

Anyway this week was pretty interesting haha!

Soo on Tuesday we went to a zone conference and there we received our iPads and I gotta say they’re pretty sweet. I’m liking them so far! Like it really is pretty cool to have all these vids and scriptures at the swipe of a finger! Miracle lol!

Anyway at the zone conference they just kept talking about the work and stuff and again I just kept getting this overwhelming feeling that I’m just not cutting it. That I’m not trying hard enough and that I’m not succeeding. So, on Tuesday night I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father what I can do. And, I got the feeling to go dooring. Now, guys I NEVER go dooring. Ever. It is my least favorite part of missionary work. I hate it. But for the first time ever I got the feeling to go. So, I ran with it. I told my comp that that’s what I felt like we needed to do the next day.

So Wednesday comes around and right as we are about to go dooring, we get a text from our office saying that we have a referral… WHAT. That never happens! We got an address and number. So, we went and tried to go by him but wasn’t home so we called and we set up an appointment for today! His name is Adolf. And by the time that was done, we had to go to the next appointment and we had no more time for dooring. I thought I had escaped it! That night, however, I got the feeling again, that we NEED to go dooring. Ugh. So, I told my comp that was still what I wanted to do.

Then on Thursday, we didn’t get any referral or anything and we went and knocked on some doors for a few hours. And ya know guys, we didn’t talk to one person for more than 6 seconds.  Not ONE person even let us get a second sentence in lol. All we heard over and over was “keine Zeit!” Und “kein Interesse” lol (no time and no interest). But that’s about average in Germany lol. And it was GREAT. I felt totally at peace the whole time. Because I knew that I was doing what God wanted us to do. And ya, it does stink to walk for hours on end seeing literally no success. But sometimes we just have to be patient before everything falls into place and we receive the blessing God has in store for us.

On Friday we met with a guy named Fouad. He is from Lebanon. He is fleeing from ISIS! It’s crazy. Back in Lebanon he wrote a book calling out ISIS and saying how awful they are and they came and shot up his car and his house while he wasn’t home. He took his wife and now they’re here in Germany waiting for things to cool down with the war and all. Fouad is so smart. He knows everything about the Bible there is to know. About most world religions actually. And he doesn’t believe there is a God. He says science gives him all his answers. And guys I’m stumped. Elder Watts and I have tried every approach to see what can get his soft spot but he’s so tough. He shoots down everything we say. And really we have tried sooo many things to work with him! But I think we will just have to have some patience. But the point of me telling you this is that some people just need love! These people are all alone in a very foreign land and have no friends and don’t speak the language and are hardly getting by in life. He was way wealthy in Lebanon but lost it all now. We helped these two paint their apartment and move in and we cooked for them and just talked with them. These people really need our help! And sometimes as a missionary we just need to take our eyes off the statistical part of missionary work and just love and serve people. And I have received so much happiness just serving these two! Keep Fouad and Afaf in your prayers!

Then yesterday we had the opportunity to visit a member who is in the hospital. I’m not sure exactly what happened to him because he was using some giant German medical terms, but he had like 2 tubes coming out of his stomach and it is just not going too well with him right now. But our bishop went to go visit him on Saturday night and he asked him what he needed, Bruder Kaiser said, “just a blessing from the Elders. Then I’ll be fine.” So, on Sunday afternoon we traveled to Dortmund and we gave Bruder Kaiser a blessing. The spirit was so strong in there we literally started sweating! It was so so hot in there. As we left, he thanked us in tears! It was such a great feeling I had leaving that hospital knowing how much that simple act meant to that man!

Last night I opened up a letter from myself from 6 months ago. And all it said was “Henry, please be happy. For the both of us.” And that’s all I’m trying to do!

Life is good guys, life is good.

Don’t worry about me out here I’m doing juuuust fine.

Love you all have a great week!


Sent from my iPad oh yes