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Sickest Experience of My Mission

11 Apr , 2016,
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WOW. This week was so good! Probs one of my fav ever!

Ok I’ll just give a recap of the baptism and how it was the sickest experience of my mission. So Tuesday at 18:00 everybody starts showing up and Rick and Thomas are there and everything is going perfect. We actually had a good turn out from the ward which was really nice! So the program starts and we just had two bomb talks from members on the baptism and the Holy Ghost. Then the time came where we baptized Rick and Thomas! Rick and Elder Clawson went first and everything went great! Then Thomas and I went and I just couldn’t stop smiling! The whole time I was baptizing him I just had such a big smile I couldn’t help it. Then we all got changed while everybody else is just singing songs. Then we come back and it was time for Rick and Thomas to bear their testimonies. I’ll just give summaries of their stories the best I can from memory


“When I was a kid, my grandma had a friend who was Mormon who gave her a Book of Mormon. She used to read me stories out of the scriptures. I loved them and knew they were true. After a few years passed, my grandma died and life went on for many many years. I read through (literally) 50 different bibles looking for these stories that I had heard from my grandma and not one of them had those stories in it.  Then through my friend I received a Book of Mormon, and as soon as I started reading it I found those stories I had been looking for. The ones my grandma used to read me. I felt the spirit and knew that they were true.” Then he went on to bear testimony of he Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, President Monson, and Jesus Christ. It was so powerful!

“I grew up in the Catholic Church and went to church every Sunday. But as I grew older I felt that the Catholic Church didn’t have the spiritual fulfillment that I was looking for. I was searching for truth in many different churches but nothing felt right. Through Rick I was invited to come to the LDS church. The first time I came to church here, it was as if I had just come home. Through studying the Book of Mormon and the Bible and then praying about it, I know it is true. I know this church is true.” As soon as he said he felt like he had come home everyone just started crying.  LOL it was my first time since skyping mom, LOL but everything was just so powerful.  It was the best experience of my mission!

I feel way lucky to have been a part of all that. It is even cooler cause Ad is the one who taught Rick and Thomas the first two lessons!  We had always talked about teaching the same people who got baptized lol. So cool. I have learned a lot from Rick and Thomas and their testimonies really just changed my life. Just seeing how God had prepared those two for everything that has happened is such a testimony builder to me!

On Wednesday we had a meeting with the stake president at the church and as we showed up our investigator Adrian was just sitting in his car reading the Book of Mormon lol. We talked for a little but then had to go to our meeting. As we met with the stake president he told us he saw Adrian and talked to him and he said he is totally ready for baptism. He was talking to Adrian and said Adrian told him that what really got him going, was in the first lesson he had with the Elders, the testimony I gave simply of Heavenly Father is what really touched him. He said he could feel how sure I was that there is a God that loves us. It was so cool to hear that such simple testimony can impact someone so much! We later set a date for Adrian to be baptized on May 28th!! We are way pumped! He for sure has some obstacles to overcome, but he’ll do it no doubt! Then that night I got to go on a split back to Feucht! I got to see the Cheklystovs (fav Russian family) and it was amazing! I gave them a pic of me and them and we just had the best time together! Mom and dad are for sure gonna meet them when they come get me lol. But ya it was great to be back in Feucht. Such great people! I love Nürnberg a lot and the city is way cool, but idk there’s just something about Feucht is just makes me happy! I love it there. I’m way lucky to be right next to it!


Then Saturday came and we got our transfer calls, and elder Clawson and I are staying! So we’re pumped about that! This upcoming transfer should be awesome!

Yesterday Rick and Thomas were confirmed and everything went well! They really just feel part of the ward. They big bought two new suits and they wore their ties that elder Clawson and I bought them. They are so sick! After church yesterday they had a barbecue and invited the ward just to come celebrate their baptism lol. It was so great! Rick’s wife made a cake shaped like a book and on one page it said “a new beginning” and it was so cool. Everything just went so smoothly with them, it was a dream!

Life is so good right now! I’m way happy. Time is just flying by!  Thanks for all the love and support I feel from home! Love you guys!