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Splits With My BFF

30 Nov , 2015,
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What a week! W🙀W

Lol so on Monday night and Tuesday I was on my split with Ad! It really was one of the favorite times of my mission! We had a member appt. on Monday night and that was just a blast of course I loved it!


So crazy just going into these members homes with my bff as missionaries lol. Then Tuesday we woke up and just had such a wonderful day! We had our district meeting and then we just went and talked to people!! We found like 5 or so new potentials! I loved it!  We would just be walking down the street talking about life and stuff then see someone, stop them and talk to them, then just continue on on our conversation. We literally didn’t stop talking the whole split! On Tuesday night we got invited by this guy from Monday, to come to this bar and talk about Christ with him and his friends. We walked in way nervous cause it was kinda scary, but they told us to sit down, and we just chatted with these guys about the gospel! They were all pretty stubborn and didn’t wanna listen too much, but it was still just so awesome to be side by side with Ad doing work. Freal Monday and Tuesday were just an indescribable experience! I’ll never forget it!

Wednesday we were out in the street and we stopped this black guy and his family. He is from Nigeria and his wife is from the Ukraine and they have a daughter! It turns out he is technically a member! Like he was baptized in Nigeria but then went to Ukraine for like 10 years and never went to church and now his wife and kid are here and he was just so pumped to see us! It was way cool that we just found them by chance!

Then oh man Thursday. Thanksgiving was just amazing! We went out and did some doors for the first time in a week or two and it felt pretty good! Doors are just tough stuff lol we got one person to carry on a conversation with us lol. But then that night we were invited up to Nürnberg and we had a big thanksgiving with a few members and investigators and Ad was there too! It was pretty sweet to spend thanksgiving with my bff! We were really grateful for that! We all went around the room and all said one thing that we are grateful for and the spirit was strong! Way cool experience!

And Saturday was too good! We had this member fam invite us over for another Thanksgiving! It was so great! They have TEN kids and all of them are like 17 or older and completely inactive but it was way cool!

The parents are from America but have lived in Germany for like 40 years and it was just exactly like a normal thanksgiving I loved it!  Just way good food and convos and laughs. And right before we left the dad got a call from the daughter saying she was driving home and nailed a deer so he took us and we just saw this dead deer laying on the road so that was insane lol I’m just glad we didn’t have to touch it. But everyone was safe just a crazy random experience lol

But ya like I said I will found out this Saturday if I’m getting a new comp….LOL I don’t even wanna think about it! But I do know that whatever happens will be for the best. Everything will work out!

But I gotta go I love you all with my heart!