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17 Nov , 2014,
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We had a solid week. We were talking to a lot of people and stuff and it was so sick. We found this guy and he’s black and we were just talking, then we call him a few days later and we go over to his place and he legit lives in a Catholic MTC. It’s where they train people to become priests. I was laughing so hard. I just found myself sitting in some apartment room with a coke and some guy who’s training to become a catholic priest and still wants to hear from us. Crazy. His Cousin Plays for the Lakers. Pretty cool.  So on Tuesday we go over to the Familie Stein house (they love Divver) and we have a Mexican night. We cooked their first burritos so that was awesome. Henderson use to work at Costa Vida so they were good. Anyway, they have a 17 year old daughter named Marcella and we have a way sick night there and she played the violin for us and idk we were all just having a great time.  The ward here is awesome. We were the only missionaries that had an investigator show up to church. So that was pretty sick.

Another story, one morning we were just sitting there studying and someone is at the door. We open it up and it’s two senior people who are JW missionaries. They didn’t realize we were elders for like half their spiel then they realized it and they were just like… oh. Then they asked us what the difference is between our churches. Then Henderson talked all about Joseph Smith. And recited the whole first vison. Then they took a BoM. So that was cool. Good week. The best tool I have to talk to people on the trains is Instagram. No joke. If I ever see anyone on it, which is very often, I’m just like “wanna see my pics?” and they always do. So pretty cool.

So here’s a poem I wrote.


I gave it all I had, I thought;

I tried & tried, I fought & fought.

I thought that might, just be enough; to get me through that patch of rough.

But when I looked up, I felt my heart break;

What´d I do wrong? What mistakes did I make?

How could this happen? I had done everything right;

I took blow after blow, and continued to fight.

So there I sat, dark clouds in my head;

“Keep Walking,” I heard. “There is sunshine ahead.”

Forward I went, looking for a new start;

With worry and fear, and hope in my heart.

The Odds were against me, still Feeling so low;

I didn’t know what was coming, I didn’t know where to go.

But as I kept walking, my heart became light;

The clouds were now gone, the sun shining bright.

Way sick. I know. Anyway, love you all. Keep praying for me and I’ll keep praying for you, deal?

Love, Henry