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Thank You That the Sun is Shining

12 Oct , 2015,
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My family,

I heard such a great line in a prayer this week. The guy said, “danke dass der Sonne scheint.” That’s just “thank you that the sun is shining” idk I just loved that. Always good to be grateful for the everyday things. The happiest people in life are the ones who are grateful for the small things. Anyway this week was sweet!  I went on a split this week with a guy who’s from Canada, but then moved to Washington, then Colorado, and now Panama lol pretty crazy.  So he has a lot of just cool perspectives on things. And he talks to EVERYBODY lol like legit he did not let anyone pass us without talking to them. It was so cool I loved it! It was also a nice break for him. But all just good people I love meeting and having fun.

Then Thursday we had interviews with president and zone training! Zone training was on commandments and stuff and people were giving lessons on tithing and chastity and word of wisdom. Like of course that’s all extremely important, just not too exciting for missionaries to hear. But then lol I went out to my car and my missionary friends filled up my car with balloons for my bday lol. It was pretty good I’ll send a pic. People are so nice. They also bought me a one piece fox suit cause I sing “what does the fox say” so much lol. BUT THEN I opened up my bday package from mom and it was sooo sick! I LOVE the watch and the shoes! They are sooooo nice! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Then Saturday was just so nice. There was this young men’s activity that we got invited to and it was at some tree climbing park. It was pretty crazy. But we weren’t sure if we were allowed so we called out ZL’s and they said we could so we went and it was soooooo fun! They had like zip line type stuff it was so sick! Then we went to the Lipkes and did some service in the garden. Garden work has become like so routine on my mission lol it doesn’t really bother me that much anymore.  We’ve been trying to talk to a lot more people lately but boy is it tough to get people to talk back lol. I don’t get it like literally 10% of people might stop and tell us why they don’t have interest lol.  The rest just keep on walking. It can get discouraging but it’s all part of a mission.  The worst thing I could do is to stop talking to people lol so I guess I’ll just keep going!

I was reading in the Bible this week and I came across a scripture that really got me! It is in Matthew 19:16-22. It’s the story about a rich young ruler who come up to Jesus and tells him he’s keeping the commandments and asks what else he can do. And Jesus told him to sell all his nice things and follow him. And when the young guy heard that he was way sad, and walked away way bummed. In the moment I was reading that, I was just picturing myself the whole time! If Christ asked me to give up all of my Brooks Brothers stuff, how would I act?  I kinda think at first, I would act the same way. Kinda complaining and stuff. But it is so inspiring to think about! Such a long path of getting where we want to be lolol it’s great!

Life continues to be great out here! I love this place and couldn’t ask for more. Just a happy boy lol

Thanks for everything I’ll see ya next week!