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The Holy Ghost Can Calm All of Our “Nagging Worries”

1 Feb , 2016,
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Yoooo hey this week was actually pretty sick again! The weather here is so bizarre it was like fairly warm this week it was kinda nice to walk around in! But lol I won’t talk about weather. I promise my week wasn’t that boring.

On Wednesday we got to go over to a member’s house and teach their 8 yr old son about the baptism!! He is getting baptized in March and they wanted us to teach him all about it! It was a blast! Little kids are great to teach.  It kind of gives us a chance to makes lessons more fun and the parents just love it! It’s just cool cause in the end, we teach the same principles to an 8 yr old as we would to an 80 yr old.  Just in different ways but it is nice to have an unchanging message for everyone lol.

Then oh boy Thursday we met with the Familie Mohr! Ugh I love that fam! They are so kind and loving to us we really just feel at home. It has been a bit of a struggle lately though, like they don’t really want to be taught. They just wanna read, and have their questions answered. It can be frustrating sometimes, but sometimes we just need to go at their pace and not ours. He is starting to read Alma right now, and she is reading D&C.  Then they explain to each other what they read. They love it here in the ward and feel totally comfortable.  We have so much fun when we go over to their house! He just barely got a new weight set and he was showing it to us and we did some benching.  I’m so weak.  But Tim works at a factory where they make protein powder and he just gifted us like 2 huge bags of protein powder lol they really are the best!  Please continue to keep them in your prayers!

Saturday the other elders had the baptism of the guy Croft taught in Ingolstadt! He is doing well he’s a solid guy. His name is Marako!  Pray for him!

Then yesterday was just too perfect! The Mohrs came and brought their Bruder and he loved it! And Carmin came too! Yayyyyyyy we had another class with Carmin and talked about prayer and stuff. She is really loving it and is totally feeling something special! We have an appointment on Friday evening with a member family! It should just be great! The work is just movin along it is so much fun! We are having a blast with the ward we really just feel like things couldn’t get better!  I was reading in True to the Faith this week about the Holy Ghost, and it talked about how the Holy Ghost can calm all of our “nagging worries” and that just stuck out to me a ton! I just thought about all the stuff that is on my mind all day whether it be at home or out here in the field. And there is a lot that just is nagging at my mind! It has been great to focus on the Holy Ghost and having those worries be hushed!

Oh man life is just good. I really can’t complain about anything. I just feel good. I’m a happy boy.

Thanks for all the love! I love you all back!



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