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The Humble Shower

2 Nov , 2015,
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What a week! Wow.

So, this week was pretty long just cause a lot of change took place and different stuff is happening! It’s all ok though!

So Monday through Wednesday I just spent saying goodbye to the best people ever up in Unna! Love those people so much I’ll never forget them! It was pretty hard but I know I’ll see them again in a short time!

Then Thursday, I woke up in Dortmund, then took a 3 hour bus to Frankfurt, then chatted with a few old friends I’ve served with which was great! Then took a 4 hour bus ride to Nürnberg which was also just kinda long. Then we got there and Ad was waiting for us so I got to see him really fast!! Hehe. Then I met my new comp! His name is Elder Wiley. He has lived quite a few places but for most of high school he lived in Arizona. He just graduated in 2015. He is a pretty interesting guy! He is nice. He is REALLY into the card game “magic”, like he’s spent lots of money on it lol. He likes to cook which is good but he also likes a cold apartment so that’s a bummer. But omg my new apartment is ok but the shower is CRAZY! Lol I’ll have to show you a pic. It’s called the “Demut dusche” which means the “humble shower”.  All we have is a little tub and a slanted ceiling right above it with no room to stand so I have to get on my knees and spray myself with a little hose and we have no curtain or anything. Just crazy. But it’ll all be good.

Saturday I was definitely blessed it was so sick! So Friday night I got a call from Ad and he was like “hey tomorrow we have a street display you wanna come?” And I was like “oh yes” so Saturday morning we went and it was some other missionaries and me and Ad just talking to people! It was sooo cool just to be side by side with Ad talking to people about the gospel in German. It was a dream come true!! We were both just so happy to be there together it was the first time we’ve really seen each other in action! We had a ton of people listen to us this time too! Way crazy we just felt on fire! We got so many addresses for Adam and his comp to go share the gospel with! I felt the love of God for sure lol it was great!

And then yesterday was really good actually. This ward is really great I really felt welcome there everyone was really friendly! The coolest part is ok so most of you know this but in German there is “Sie Sprache” and “Du Sprache” and Sie is used as proper and for people you don’t know very well. And Du is used for people you’re comfortable with and stuff. And most people in Germany will always use Sie with missionaries. But this ward like only uses Du it’s so cool they were all telling me right off the bat to use Du with them it felt so cool!!  It sounds small but it really does make a difference. Anyway this ward will be great to serve in.  Everyone is so nice!

And in Feucht I am riding a bike…and it’s terrible. I really don’t like it. Lol my bike is about 50 years old and the brakes squeak SO loud anytime I break and everybody jumps and turns their head its sooo bad lol. And it’s freezing and my helmet is so goofy  and I’m sore in the wrong places and I just feel bad on it.

Elder Wiley just finished with being trained. I have just had the youngest comps recently. For the past 7 months I have not had a comp who has been out longer than 6 months lol sheesh. He kinda treats me like I’m new to the mission lol like he explains the most obvious stuff. It can be frustrating. He is trying to get me into the card game “magic” but that just ain’t me lol. He talks about mythical creatures and casting spells and apparently has hideous nightmares every night. Haha Life.  Man, just crazy.

And just a little about my new area. So ya it’s called Feucht but technically I’m living in a town called Neumarkt and the sisters are in Feucht. They aren’t very big towns but they’re pretty and really old. It’s colorful here I like the look of stuff. And we are just 20 minutes south of Nuremberg!  It’s been such a testimony builder that God hears and answers prayers.  In the past little while I’ve been praying to know what I need to become, who I need to be and over and over I’ve heard the answers “love and humility” and a week or two ago I said a prayer asked for a lesson in love and humility. I was pretty scared and lol well here I am. But that’s the beauty of life.  I’ll have many happy times here in Feucht I can already tell. So ya. I’m kinda struggling but only kinda. I’ll live. Idk I have felt pretty lonely and scared so far but I think that’s the same with all new areas. It’ll just take some time.

But ya I’m all good. I will be ok. All tough times pass! Thanks for support just remember to pray extra hard for Hen these next few weeks. I need some help lol.

Loves loves loves