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The Lifestyle of Discipleship is the Path for All of Us

2 May , 2016,
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YOOOO one of the best weeks of my mission!!!

So, Monday thru Wednesday I was on a split with one of my fav missionaries out here! His name is Elder Merkley.  He went to Skyline but I never knew him back home. He is so sick we just get along great and did some good work together! On Wednesday we were able to teach Adrian the plan of salvation and it was so cool to see someone just embrace it so easily. Everything we teach he just loves! We talked a lot about why we’re here on earth and the purpose of the gospel. And we had a really good discussion about living the gospel and the happiness it brings into our lives. It’s cool cause he is only 19 and just about every 19 yr old in Germany smokes drinks and parties. But he has told his friends that he isn’t doing that stuff anymore and that’s the way he wants to live! The spirit was there as we bore testimony about living the gospel and experiencing the happiness that comes with it. I really do know that the lifestyle of discipleship is the path for all of us.  And I know God blesses us as well as our loved ones, when we try our hardest to love Him and serve Him!

On Thursday morning, I got the best phone call of my life. I was sitting at my desk just preparing to leave the apartment when I get a call from a random number. I pick up and I immediately recognized it as Bruder Mohr! Idk how many of you remember but the Familie Mohr were like my golden investigators back in Feucht. It is the two parents and their two kids. A 3 yr old and a 9 month old. We found them (they found us) back in January. Just the best little family ever! The elders in Feucht have continued to teach them while I’ve been 20 minutes away here in Nürnberg. Well Bruder Mohr called me and just asked how I was doing and all that stuff then said “well, in case you haven’t heard I’m getting baptized. I have a testimony!” And I was just freaking out my heart was pounding. Then the best part came. He said “weil du dabei am Anfang warst, es ist mir wichtig daß du der Täufer bist.” Which translated is simply “because you were there at the beginning, it’s really important to me that you baptize me.” My knees just buckled and I laid down while on the phone with him. I was seriously speechless I think I spoke the worst German ever just cause I couldn’t think straight lol. I was so overwhelmed all I could keep on saying was “Ja” lolol.  It turns out that on the 21st of May, Tim and his wife Selka are going to be baptized! It was seriously the best news I have received in my 20 months out here and probably in my 20 years on earth lol. I am so excited and so blessed to be able to play a role in this eternal family’s conversion to the gospel! Hopefully in a year or so, Tim and Selka will go to the temple and be sealed together forever! I can only dream of coming back and witnessing that.  I just want to bear my testimony that I KNOW God loves and loves his kids. There’s really not a doubt. The gospel is so true and it changes lives. No happiness I have felt before has matched up to that which I feel every day. I am the luckiest boy in the world!

On Friday we went to Frankfurt for a meeting with other missionaries and I got to see Ad so that’s always a highlight in my week! It’s so crazy how little time he has left! Spending all this time together and for my final 6 weeks he’ll be gone! Crazy stuff. But it’s awesome I’m thankful every day to serve my mission with my BFF.  Then Saturday we went and did some service at Rick and Thomas’ house!  It was so much fun lol it is quite a big project but I just love it. We like chopped and pulled down a tree and power washed their deck and mowed the lawn. lol The house was beat up but it’ll look good when we’re all finished! Rick and Thomas are so great I just love being around them!


And I’ll get to see you all on Sunday!!!! So pumped!! It’s gonna be sick we are actually going over to Rick and Thomas’ to Skype! So we’ll introduce them to you for sure! That’ll be awesome. I’m so looking forward to it!

Well I guess I’ll talk to you later! Literally lol. Have a great week!  I love you all a lot.  Thanks for the love I feel!