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The Will of God

22 Oct , 2014,
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I watched a Mormon message that has like changed my life. It is called “the will of God” and it is crazy powerful. You all need to go watch it right now. Everyone always talks about how God gives us trials to help us become better people. Which is true. But I never hear about him giving us trials because maybe he just doesn’t like the path that were headed towards and wants to change it before it gets too late. I watched it like 20 times and it gets better every time. Anyway, just a cool thought.  I hope I haven’t given impression that I thought Germany was going to be easy, but that is not what I have in mind. I am fully expecting to “get kicked in the teeth” and all that stuff. Yeah I’m way pumped to get to Germany but I know it’s gonna be harder than I can imagine. This last week we are going to have one German teacher and one English teacher. Pretty normal schedule really.

Love, Henry