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The Winds

14 Apr , 2015,
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The winds. They are a blowin’.

Monday through Wednesday was spent saying goodbye to some of my favorite people ever. That was rough.

Then…Thursday came. Transfer day.

I get up at 5 in the morning and take 4 trains to get to Frankfurt with one of my least favorite elders in the mission. I finally get there, wearing my suit jacket and my coat, and realize how much it has heated up. Then I chat with a few missionaries. Then, I catch a bus from Frankfurt to Dortmund. A 4 hour bus ride. I get to Dortmund and I meet my comp, Elder Watts. We catch a train to Unna. Only 20 minutes or so. Then, we have to walk back to the apartment. After a few minutes, I realize that my big suitcase, which is connected by a strap to my next biggest suitcase, had become really hard to pull. I heard a noise and I examine the wheel and it had hit a rock and basically bust completely off. My suitcase was now dragging on rubber. No wheel to roll on. It had become so hard I reached down to look at the rubber, and I touched it and it burned the crap out of my finger. It had become so hot from rubbing on the pavement it began to melt. Then we get back to the apartment, finally, and I take off my jacket and my shirt has become completely see through I was sweating so bad. Then I unpacked and just planned everything.

The next day was a “normal” day.

Saturday, we helped with a move for about 6 hours. Then I had a bright spot. There is this kid in the ward that is 20 and is just barely becoming active again. And we just sat down and started talking and he was just talking about how his whole life he just thought church was dumb and he didn’t need all these rules and he just wanted to go have fun. And I told him that I was the exact same way. We are really similar in that way. Then I started talking about a mission with him and told him what it’s done for me so far and so we’ll see where that goes. He’s cool, though.

Then Sunday. I get to church. There were a total of about 30 people there. I’m used to one of the best wards in Germany with 100+ peeps every Sunday. I get here and most people are pretty old- friendly, though. We get to their second hour and two of our investigators are there. One of the sick members picks them up every Sunday. Anyway, they don’t speak German. And I’m sitting there in this Sunday school class, in German, and I’m thinking wait there’s supposed to be an investigator class. Well I asked my comp if we had one and he said no, we just want them to feel the spirit even if they can’t understand. After cleaning up my vomit off the floor, I pulled out this sick member and the two investigators and we taught them for a little. Good lesson. Then after sacrament I got up and bore my testimony and promised this ward a baptism. A ward that hasn’t had baptism in 15 years.  Then after church the sick member, Brüder Lipke, and his family invited us over for lunch. Then we had a great lunch and then he gave us some sweet referrals and we gave the sacrament to his old parents. That part was cool.

We then got back to the apartment. We were sitting there that night and I just got so overwhelmed I went and took a shower. Before, I was on top of the world. I was in the sickest ward ever with people I loved, living with 4 missionaries, seeing success and I was generally happy. Then I come here and everything gets flipped on its head. Ha, funny how things happen like that.  I kept on thinking that there’s no way I’m really supposed to be here. No way. But, as I was sitting there, I said a prayer and asked if I was really supposed to be here. If I really HAD to be. And, of course, I got my answer. As much as I would lie to deny it, I know I’m supposed to be here.  So I have a few options, I can become the lazy elder that doesn’t do anything because he doesn’t like his situation and just hate life and not get anything done.


I can become the kid I’ve always wanted to be, but haven’t HAD to be until now. I know there are some great challenges here. But it’s not like I can just run away from them.  I’m gonna be ok out here. I love you all with my whole heart. I’m trying really, really hard.

Good Timber does not grow in ease.