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“There is nothing good, unless you do it”

4 Apr , 2016,
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“Es gibt nichts gutes, außer man tut es” lolol that shout out to Germans from Pres Uchtdorf was so sick! This week was great! Things are going so well!

On Monday and Tuesday night we met with Rick & Thomas! Both lessons were amazing! Watching them just accept the gospel and live it has strengthened my testimony so much! They are just really happy! They both have overcome come really big things to be where they are today and they just are so inspiring to me! I’m way grateful for them!

On Wednesday it was so sick! So 2 1/2 hours before Institute started we were filling out some papers at the church when our investy Adrian shows up! (He’s from Texas but has lived in Germany for 7 years and he’s 19) and so we just met with him right then. And it was an amazing lesson! For the last few weeks he has just come to institute but would quickly leave. We explained the Book of Mormon and how the church came to be and he totally was interested! He just talked about how whenever he comes to institute he just loves it and feels so much happier throughout week. It was so cool to hear him explain his feelings and just watch him glow! Then on Thursday we met with him and we’re just chatting and he said that earlier that day he just we taking the subway and he randomly came to the church because he said he just felt like he was drawn to it lol he said he was just sitting there then the next thing knew he was just at the church! Crazy! And he said on Wednesday night he sat down to read the Book of Mormon and he was reading and looked at the clock and realized he had been reading for TWO hours! Lolol it was insane! My jaw was to the floor the whole time! So we are gonna meet with him this week and try and help him recognize that what he’s feeling is the Holy Ghost and set a baptismal date! I’m so pumped to be teaching him!

Friday we had the baptismal interview for Thomas and Rick and things went SO WELL. The person who did the interview said he could really feel their testimony. They both have turned around their life and it is amazing to witness. I haven’t really seen them at their worst, but they are easily able to testify of the reality of the changing factor of the gospel. They have both had extreme addictions and have chosen to live new lives! Like I said they are such an inspiration to me! I feel their sincere desire to be better people than they have been in the past, and it is encouraging to someone in a similar situation to see the positive effects of the gospel live in action!

Then Saturday and Sunday conference were amazing! There were so many messages that I feel like were intended for me. We had Rick and Thomas show up to every session! On Saturday we just watched the Saturday morning session because that’s night time for us. So on Sunday we watched three sessions and Rick and Thomas came to all of them! It was awesome they just love the church so much I am so pumped. I have yet to watch the Sunday afternoon session but I’m sure it is just as good!  I loved president Monson’s talk on Sunday. It was so short but so sweet. I loved his message just on the importance of making good choices and getting on the right path. It’s so true the fact that the choices we make now, will determine our destiny. And we need to know where we wanna end up, in order to know which path we want to walk down. I just left every session feeling so inspired!

So ya the baptism is tomorrow at 18:00! I feel so lucky to baptize these two! So Elder Clawson is baptizing Rick and I’m baptizing Thomas! I am so pumped! Pics will come next week!

I love you all so much! I hope your week is safe and fun! I would love to hear any of your favorite talks or take aways from conference! Bis nächste Woche!