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They Just Love Being Mormon

18 Apr , 2016,
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Monday thru Wednesday was basically just spent organizing stuff for the transfer and we had two missionaries staying the night with us because they we leaving on Wednesday. It was a little stressful just cause we had a lot of new missionaries come to the zone and we were just trying to make sure it all went smoothly. So it was a bummer we didn’t get to do a ton of finding at the beginning of the week but it’s all good! Some stuff just has to get done sometimes.  On Thursday we went over to teach Rick and Thomas and it was so sweet! They always insist on feeding us the most German food lol it’s great! This time they made us baggers. They think they’re like potato pancakes but they’re not at all lol. They’re similar to hash browns but you eat them with apple sauce lol they’re so good! But we were just talking with them and they were like “so…are we still gonna keep contact when you guys go back to America?”  And said how they’re gonna come visit us in SLC when they come and see the temple. Lol it was so sweet! They asked for our social media info lol it was so funny. I love Rick and Thomas.  They are so pumped to get their church ID number so they can start ordering stuff off the church’s website.  lol They just love being Mormon. Rick even asked for a Book of Mormon for his friend! Things are going so well with them!

On Friday we taught a lesson with our investigator Mohannad using a translator from Saudi Arabia over Skype! So the lessons are in Arabic!  It is so crazy to listen to! We just tell the translator a line and he just has this big discussion with Mohannad. It’s amazing though cause none of us can understand a word of what is being said, but as the translator teaches, the spirit is still there! It’s way cool to be a part of. Mohannad is making great progress right now! Because he’s Muslim there are some guidelines we have to follow before he gets baptized, but his goal is definitely for him to get baptized! We know he will eventually we just need a few things to clear up. Like tons of Muslims put their lives at risk when they convert to Christianity cause their friends will often just like murder them or something. So we’re taking it slow but it’s all coming together!

I’ve pondered a lot this week about love! Not like romance love, but just like loving others. It’s been on my mind the past little while and so I’ve just been studying and thinking about it lots! I’ve always struggled in this area and I just really want to improve on it! There’s a great talk from President Monson where he quotes a little poem:

I have wept in the night
For the shortness of sight
That to somebody’s need made me blind;
But I never have yet
Felt a tinge of regret
For being a little too kind.

Lol I just love that! I’ve come to realize in the last little while how important the small acts of kindness are throughout daily life.  Not only big acts of love, but just simply being nice to people. Cause I was just thinking about it and like all of my favorite people in my life are all way nice. And that’s just the way I wanna be! I’ve never regretted just being kind to anyone. And I’m way grateful that the gospel gives me ways and inspiration to be better and be more of the person I’m supposed to be! Sometimes it just feels like the road is forever but I know that change is gradual and if I just keep working and embracing the change the gospel offers me, it’ll all be ok!

Life is good! I’m just rollin along out here! Life is too good to me lol I’m having a blast! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!