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Tied the German Record

18 May , 2015,
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So ya transfer calls were on Saturday and they announced that we’re staying. This week was pretty good.  It consisted of a lot of driving but on Thursday we went and had a ward day down by this lake and all day we were just chilling by this lake and there were sailboats (couldn’t ride them unfortunately) and we hiked this whole lake and it really was just a fantastic day! Way scenic and it was just great. Lots of fun. And through that we met a family of 5. The Pöntens. They are a little weird but super super friendly and have tons of potential. I’ve never taught a whole family before so I’m a little nervous. It’ll be great though.

Then ya Saturday we had calls. The night before I really poured my heart out to Heavenly Father. It was quite the conversation lol. I just asked to know that whatever happened, I would know that it was right. And that’s what happened. I totally knew that it’s what is supposed to happen. So I can’t really argue with that.

Then, sickest news of the week. We had Ward council and I brought up Clayton. He is wayyy ready to be baptized and it just needs to happen. And the ward was just complaining and complaining. And Watts wasn’t even in there to help me. I was the only one in there. And I was just praying that their hearts would be softened. And finally they were complaining so much I was just like “look, this guy’s ready. And Elder Watts and I are gonna baptize him on Saturday. You’re all invited.” That didn’t stop the complaining but sure enough, Saturday at 10:00 Clayton is getting baptized! It’ll be so sweet. Clayton has such a good heart and I know everything will go great.

Also a little side note, we tied the German record for having investigators at sacrament meeting. We had 10 people show up. I wanted to cry. It was crazy. TEN. It was nuts. And that is the record for all of Germany. I’m pretty confident we can get one more though.

But ya, I’m all good over here.

Thanks for the prayers, I sure can use them.

Have a great week! Love you all