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Wanna Know Why I’m Smiling So Big?

19 Oct , 2015,
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IT SNOWED THIS WEEK!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  It was so crazy we had a blizzard. It was just one day, it was so much fun! All the snow is gone now but it was pretty sweet while it lasted! Germans don’t have Halloween really and don’t have Thanksgiving so people really are like already preparing for xmas!! I know it’s so great!  Anyway this week was coOOooOooOoool! I am just having too much fun out here.  It’s just a happy time of life right now!

On Wednesday to Thursday I was on a split with our Zone Leaders in Dortmund and that was a way good time! We just talked with everybody and had a good time doing it! We got some way some wayyyy solid potentials for them! I just love smiling at everybody! People look so confused when they look at me and I’m just smiling. Although I asked a guy on a train if he wanted to know why I was smiling so big and he said no. We made eye contact a few times and I wouldn’t break I just kept on looking and finally I got closer and was like “wanna know why I’m smiling so big” and he’s like “no” and I was just like “…oh..ok”. I had a great plan to tell him about the gospel and stuff and happiness but the guy wasn’t even curious why I was smiling. Germans, man I’ll tell ya. Ya just gotta love em.

Then Friday was also sick. So last month I was in Dortmund on a different split with a different zone leader and we were contacting and stuff and I talked to this guy named Richmond. He was way sick and he is from Ghana. Well that zone leader called me and told me that he actually lives in our area and gave me his number and we went and met with him!! He is sooo awesome! He has been in Germany for about a year now and he is just so darn faithful. Peeps from Ghana are so great. Seeing the place he lives in is so humbling. It’s literally half the size of my bedroom and he has a roommate. The door can’t even open all the way it’s so crowded. But he is still way grateful for all he has been given. And we talked with him and we committed him to baptism on December 19th!! He was way pumped and just wants to follow Christ. The only problem is he lives like right on the border of our area and we have to hand him off to the other elders…but still I was way pumped to see him again and challenge him to baptism!! Miracle!

Saturday was like basically just as sick. While I was doing personal study I just get this call from a random number and it’s some guy and he’s like “I wanna learn German” and I’m like “ok we can help where do you live?” Then he told us and we went and met him! Way random. BUT we get there and it happened to be in the same building as a member of ours and we asked him how he got our number and he showed us a flyer on the wall of the doorway. Apparently this member in our ward just like volunteered us and made a flyer.  It was pretty funny. Anyway, his name is Joe. He’s from Nigeria and he’s not a refugee.  He came here on an airplane! He’s wayyy smart and is going to school here to study business or something.  Anyway we start talking and I explain what we do as missionaries and he was way curious and we ended up talking and (like any other African we meet) he loves Jesus and has such a pure desire to follow him! We committed him to baptism on Dec. 19!! Dec 19 is the mission baptismal date so that’s why we’re doing that date, but it was so cool! Such a miracle like freal so random and so blessed just always experiencing the best of the best out here. We lost one investigator and gained another!

I have thought and studied a lot about love lately. Not romance love but like Christ-Like love. There are so many great examples in the scriptures of people just having pure love for others. It’s so inspiring! Just loving everybody. And that’s what I wanna do. I just wanna love everybody. Just be happy and love. That’s all.  Well I’m all good out here, just smiling through the day finding the good things in life. Thanks for your prayers and emails. Lots of love!

Eure Lieblings Missionar,