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What a Great Time of Life

11 Jan , 2016,
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Oh man k so last Monday evening I started my split with Ad and it was great! We went to a part member appointment that night and it was just so cool. Usually the member is like “so where are you from?” And I’m like “salt lake” and they’re like “elder Webber aren’t you from salt lake too? Did you guys know each other at home?” Lol It’s so classic I love it. Then Ad and I just stayed up and chatted forever. It was a really good convo though like it was just so nice.

Then Tuesday was the best! Ad and I woke up and studied then we went and taught two of his investigators! It was so sick! One of the lessons was with a guy named Jon and it was his first meeting with the missionaries so we just taught him the first lesson and it was so dope! The spirit was SO strong it was amazing just to bounce off one another and teach. I won’t forget it! Then that night we were just chilling at the church waiting for our comps to come and split back and idk Ad and I just started talking and it was such a sweet experience we ended up just bearing our testimonies to each other and talked about all the different things we see in each other lol. I almost cried lol. Idk it was just a great day

Wednesday was another good time! We finally got in contact with our man Monday! (the Nigerian) so his family consists of his wife and his two kids. His wife is from Ukraine. I contacted him on the street about a month and a half ago and this was our first meeting with him! We walked about an hour to get to his house through pitch black murdery forest but it was so worth it! We sat down and just talked with his family for a while and they are so great! Love them! The daughter is 12 and the son is 20 and they are totally interested!! So Monday was a member of the church back like 20 years ago in Nigeria and then moved to Ukraine for the past 20. He left the church in Nigeria and never went in Ukraine. He even said he saw missionaries and he never told them he was a member or anything, but he was like “I don’t know why I told you guys so fast that was weird. I guess I just had a good feeling” it was so cool to hear! ¬†Anyways we’re meeting them on Wednesday and we’re pumped to go forward. He just kept on saying “I’m just so happy you guys came” It was so sweet! Yay! Lolol

Then Friday we went and taught the Mohr family! They are the ones I told you about last week. They are strong Baptists and just randomly showed up to church last Sunday! They are so sick! They have a little girl and a baby boy. We went over to their house on our first appointment which is about as strange as it gets in Germany. Over here almost nobody will invite you over for a first visit so we were just pumped from the start! We ate dinner with them and talked. Elder Vorimo and I really just wanted to focus on helping them feel how much we love and care about them. They had TONS of questions which is good, but makes it hard to get in an actual lesson. But that’s why we’re here is just to help the people with what they need. Anyway it went super well! The dad has already read 1 Nephi! Crazy and they already watched the restoration video on Joseph smith! Haha it was all so unreal. With all that being said, they still have lots of concerns and the dad has work 3/4 Sunday’s a month so there is for sure obstacles to overcome. But they are so legit I am so pumped and lucky to be here! He drove us home and tried to give us $20 lol he’s so funny. So please pray for the family Mohr!

Ah man things are just good right now. What a great time of life. I’m just a happy boy. But I love you all! Pray for you guys daily!