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What a Week

24 Nov , 2014,
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What a week.

First off, the German Police are looking for us. We’re fugitives. Legit. We get a call from our bishop telling us to be aware of cops and stuff cause they’re looking for us. Apparently there is this lady in our ward who’s like 80 and the elders usually bring sacrament to her every Sunday. Well we couldn’t last Sunday and apparently two guys showed up and told her they were the elders at the door, (she’s basically blind) then they robbed her whole house. Crazy. So she told the police that it was the Mormon Elders. Pretty crazy stuff.

So, on Thursday we invite the pro soccer player that we met to come help us clean our church then eat with us. He actually said yes which was way sick. He’s like in the minor league of German soccer, so one day hopefully he’ll be on a major team. But for now not really that huge. His name is Iyke and he’s from Nigeria. Pretty cool. Anyway, so that was awesome that he wanted to come cause really we had only met him once before that. So then after eating and clearing n stuff we went and watched the “Because of Him” video on If you haven’t watched it go watch it cause it is way sick and I get chills like 3 times every time I watch it. Then afterwards he just thought that it was awesome and said he has a testimony. lol. He doesn’t even know what our church is, really, but he said he has a testimony. So we’re gonna keep teaching him and hopefully things improve.

But here is the freaky weird part of the day:  After Iyke leaves were just like sitting there cleaning up a little and some guy comes knocking on the church door. One of the sisters opens it up and looks at him and he’s wearing jeans and a hoodie and has tissue stuffed in his nose and ears and wrapped around his hands. She tries to shake his hand and he’s like “NO I have evil inside me” and she was just like whoa. Then he comes in and like no joke something was so off. Like I was scared. My comp just like asked him what he needed and he said that he had evil spirits inside him and he wanted a blessing to get rid of them. He stuffs his nose and ears so that they wouldn’t escape and harm anyone else. Sweet guy. But he was still scaring me way bad. He just kept on saying “please help me, please help me” and the feeling in the building was really dark and weird. So then we talked to him a little bit more and we finally gave him a blessing and like, it was one of the craziest things I’ve ever been through in my whole life. He stood up, removed the tissue and we’re like “you’re gonna be ok” then he gave us all hugs and a big smile and we gave him a BoM. idk why he randomly chose to come to our church building, cause he didn’t know anything about it. But holy cow it was quite an experience. Really cool just to see the change in his demeanor and like all of ours. Pretty scary for a second though.

On a way cool note, though, after that we had a referral. So we took like an hour train and bus and like were kinda bummed we were doing this just for a referral cause we didn’t even know how legit it was. Anyway, we walk into this wayyy sketchy apartment building and this guy is sitting there smoking and he just like gets a huge smile on his face when he sees us. We go up to him and we’re like “we’re Mormon missionaries!” and then he goes on this big story of how he lived in Greece (he’s from Bangladesh) and he had a friend who was from Oklahoma but he lived in Greece and was some minister (so who knows why he referred him to our church). Technically he’s Muslim but he says he hasn’t believed it for a longgg time and how he’s Christian. He had to leave Greece cause he told all his Muslim friends that he didn’t believe in their church and all this stuff and they almost killed him. He was in a hospital for 12 days. He had like a split open head and broken arms and something wrong with his back and all this stuff. But it’s good cause he said he’s safe in Germany. Anyway, so then he wants to meet with us on Friday. And we’re sitting at a bus stop with him and we just kinda bring up baptism and so we’re talking with him and Henderson just kinda gave me a look and I was just like “Asaad, do you wanna get baptized on December 13th?” and he was like “oh yeah” SO SICK. We’re actually gonna baptize someone. And he’s so pumped. And I’m way pumped. We are so blessed in Bonn. Feels so good.

Then, on Saturday we met with the catholic priest in training at the Catholic training place again. His name is Pierre-Willie and we went in like mid-day so there were a ton of other peeps there too and they were just like looking at us like they were gonna kill us, lol. It was great. Anyway, so we told him all about the Book of Mormon and got him one in French cause he’s from the Congo. Then he agreed to read and pray about it and we’re meeting with him on Wednesday. Lot of potential.

I just feel like things are going really great for me here. So many blessings just like every day. Like I’m just waiting for something terrible to happen to me and make me way sad n stuff cause I feel like this streak of happiness can’t go on much longer, lol. But we’ll see. For now, things in Bonn are wayy sick. Such a great first area. Lucked out big time.

Love you all