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What Are You Afraid Of?

30 May , 2016,
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On Wednesday we had a going away party at institute for the senior couple here. Their name is the Harts and ugh it is SO sad to see them go! They have been so helpful and so kind to missionaries. We had a great turn out at the party though and I think they could for sure feel the love we have for them. We also found out on Wednesday that when the Mormon tabernacle choir comes on July 1st we get to go set up and hang out with everybody and translate lol so that’ll be way sick!  I’m way excited! I’ve never been to a MoTab concert before it’s weird that my first one ever will be in Germany lolol but oh well I’m pumped!

Friday night we got some solid time to go out and find! It’s always nice just to have a few hours dedicated to hitting the streets and doors. Lots of people were out so it was great! Idk why but lately people have just been so nice to me! It’s so weird just like a lot more people have been stopping to talk lately. It’s such a tender mercy when somebody will at least just stop and hear us out.  Then on Saturday was transfer calls…and Elder Clawson and I are staying together. My BFF in the district Elder Merkley got transferred and so did a sister in our area that I’m tight with and also the senior couple Harts are leaving!! Soooo sad! On Saturday night I just had this overwhelming feeling of “UGH” I was just sad. I felt really unsure of the future and just didn’t feel good. But I was sitting at my desk and thinking and praying and got a huge feeling of peace and comfort. I felt the words like “what are you afraid of?” And that just helped so much. Missions are all about change and that’s just the way it is. I don’t want to waste any time dwelling on what “could be or could have been” I have 11 weeks left and so I’m just gonna try my hardest and work! Make the best of everything that comes my way!

I touched on it last week, but I have thought even more this past week about the importance of seeing people not as they are, but as they may become. And the love and acceptance that we allow into our lives when we do so! There is a great quote from President Monson I wanted to share!  “We need to bear in mind that people can change. They can put behind them bad habits. They can repent from transgressions. They can bear the priesthood worthily. And they can serve the Lord diligently.” It becomes more and more apparent to me how happy I am when I do bear in mind that people can change, including myself. It’s beautiful that nobody has to be who they once were. It’s comforting to me that I get to decide who I am today and tomorrow, and that I don’t have to be who I was yesterday. Just the happiest message in the world! I just wish more people wanted to hear it! lol

Life is good I love you all so much! Have such a wonderful week!  Thanks for everything